Movember Moustache Tips: Don't Grow A Toothbrush Moustache

Moustache Champion Kier

It's now day two of Movember. And as a self declared Moustache Champion I've generously been offering tips to the rookie mo growers who are part timing the moustache life to raise awareness and money for mens health. I'm also doing that and if you want to donate to my campaign you can right here but no pressure as this year has been tough on everyones bank accounts and mental health. If you've got a couple dollars please buy yourself something that puts a smile on your face. If that something is a donation to my campaign... awesome. If it's a nice bottle of rum for you to enjoy in your evening hours... also awesome. One of the pillars of Movember is Mental Health advocacy after all so you buying yourself a smile during this terrible time counts as a donation as far as I'm concerned.

Now about today's tip. Moustaches come in many styles. And they're almost all equally beautiful. But there is one style of moustache you must never grow. Find out what it is with today's tip.

-Kier "El Champion De Moustache" White