Movember Moustache Tips: Say No To Syrup


It's upon us once more... Movember! The happy month where men worldwide get an excuse to grow / attempt to grow the moustache of their dreams without the women in their lives being able to say "Gross! Shave that thing!" Men will be growing moustaches for a wide variety of reason, mainly centered around advocating for mens health. 

Now I too shall continue to grow my moustache throughout Movember... and beyond. For I am, as of this past March, a dedicated moustache man. I don't do this just thirty days a year, but rather 365. However I welcome my clean shaven breathren to the moustache thunderdome! It's a rewarding experience growing a moustache. Even better than having kids some people say. (Me. It's mainly been me saying that) And for the moustache rookie it may seem to be a daunting task. And that's why I've elected to offer my experience to the neophytes of the moustache game. Every weekday through Movember I'll be offering a daily moustache tip. If you miss it on the radio, you can catch it right here at your leisure! Today's tip... well, click below, listen, and find out!

-Kier "Moustache Champion" White