The Strippermarket DJ

Over the weekend I was grocery shopping and like many people grocery shopping I was not blown away by the supermarket tune selection. It was pretty vanilla, not a lot of bounce to it. A party could not be had to this soundtrack. Now it's possible I'm a little more sensitive to this fact than most. After all, in the pre covid times, I used to have a side hustle that involved using my loud mouth to DJ at the local gentlemans club. Strip club if you're not a fancy person. I miss that side hustle, and not just because it resulted in a substantial chunk of my yearly budget. 

Now the province won't let strip clubs open anytime soon, so I was figuring since I can't get paid to play club tunes and encourage people to tip dancers... maybe I could get paid to DJ the grocery store instead? Obviously I wouldn never expect a grocery store manager to just take my word for it that I would do the job well. And that's why I've created a demo. Hear it below and if you're interested in hiring me please send an email to 

-Kier "DJ Apples" White