The Great Buffet


Every once in awhile a person comes across one of those people. One of those people that say something so outragous that you have to think about wether you believe them or not. Yesterday, I was talking to Joey "The Bear" Engineer about buffet. I told him that I wasn't quite ready to go eat a buffet with my common man and that I don't know when I would be ready to do so. I asked Jey if he could and was met with a ver quick response of "Damn Rights I would"

Feeling his excitment of eating this buffet I thought I would ask him a follow up question. That question was if he knew the buffet was contaminated somehow, maybe a hair in it, or someone coughed all over it, would he still eat it? His answe, not surprisingly was the same, "Damn rights I would"

That's what I call loving buffet as I wouldn't eat a safe buffet and joey would take down one that questionable, and he would still pay for it at the end!

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