You'd Think You Would Learn


When I was a young lad I remember getting the brand new video game and playing it until I was passing out on the couch. Work tomorrow? Who cares, I'm playing hockey, Let's fast forward to me in my 40s. The brand new NHL 21 came out and what did I do? I played it until I fell asleep on my couch. Why? I think maybe it's because I am an idiot. Okay, That is the real reason.

If I fall asleep during the show, just make it up for yourself. Remember, I usually talk about food or people being dumb. Dumb like the guy who gets fired for falling asleep because he played too much NHL 21.

PS. If you have that thing called ambition, make sure you send us a picture of your decorated house for Halloween. You can win $1000 from our friends at APEX Dental in Fort St John.

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