Michelle Pfeiffer Says She Blamed Herself After Being Harassed


Michelle Pfeiffer says the #MeToo movement made her rethink a lot of her past experiences. The 61-year-old icon spoke with The Sunday Times about how her perspective on one incident in particular shifted dramatically. 

She said: “First, I thought, ‘Well, I didn’t experience that,’ but then as time went on I started going, ‘Well, actually, there was that one time.’ There’s that process you go through — denial, self-blame, ‘I shouldn’t have worn that dress,’ ‘I should’ve known.’ You look at it through a grown-up lens and think, ‘Wow, I was a kid.’ There were a number of situations that were not good.”

She continued, “Like one incident — I am not going to share — but I look back and I cringe. I was really uncomfortable and it was inappropriate. I put it in a drawer. I was 20, and it was with a high-powered person in the industry.”

Pfeiffer is keen to user her profile as a star to speak truth to power … but she deploys her strength thoughtfully. 

She said: "Sometimes you can make a bigger statement by representing someone you wouldn’t ever want to be, rather than hitting people over the head by preaching and getting up on your soapbox. Sometimes it’s a more effective and interesting way to get things across."

You can see Pfeiffer in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil — also starring Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning — is in theaters now.