14 most annoying types of behaviour at music festivals


Alcoholic beverage line, Four Loko recently surveyed 1,815 festival goers from 16 major musical festivals to determine what types of behaviour are considered to be most annoying.

Patrons surveyed attended an average of 8 festivals. 46% drove 2 hours to get to a festival and 1 in 4 traveled 6 hours to get to a festival.

Here are the top 14 traits which respondents identified as being most annoying at festivals:

  1. Peeing outside Porta-Potties
  2. Holding up signs
  3. Smelly bodies
  4. Moshing / Crowd Surfing
  5. Sneaking in or sharing bracelets
  6. Taking video during a set
  7. Pushing to the front during a set
  8. People on drugs
  9. Hooking up / PDA
  10. Showing a lot of skin
  11. Cultural appropriation
  12. Funny T-shirts / Costumes
  13. Talking during a set
  14. Singing along loudly