Ozzy Osbourne On Pandemic Life: 'I'm Like A Caged Animal!'


Ozzy Osbourne says he is protecting himself from COVID-19 and coping as best he can to pandemic life.

“I’ve got emphysema, so if I get this virus I’m f**ked,” the 72-year-old rock star told British GQ. “If I go out I wear a mask, but I don’t like wearing a mask, so I don’t go out much.”

Osbourne admitted: “I’ve been going f**king nuts in my house all this time. I’m like a caged animal! But I’ve done a lot of reflecting during this lockdown. I’ve been thinking of my childhood, thinking about what a fantastic life I’ve had.”

The former Black Sabbath singer said to pass the time he bought an air rifle and shoots pellets at the wall every day. “I’m getting through 10,000 pellets a week,” he said. “Bang, bang, bang.”

Osbourne said his wife Sharon gets a weekly phone call from Elton John to check up on his health.

He said Andrew Watt, the producer of his album Ordinary Man, contracted COVID-19. “I’d phone him up every day and he said he couldn’t sleep, because as soon as he went to sleep he’d stop breathing,” recalled Osbourne. “He’s not the same person now... It’s like anyone who’s had a near-death experience: he’s become a bit careful with life.”

Osbourne said his granddaughters Minnie and Pearl – the daughters of son Jack Osbourne – also tested positive but “you wouldn’t think they had anything wrong with them. It just bounced off them.”

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