It turns out that parents do, in fact, have a favourite child!


Get ready for a stat you don’t want to admit to, but it’s likely true…One in 10 parents has a favorite child.

A new sociology study says parents with a favorite tend to prefer their youngest child, followed by the eldest, and middle children coming in last. Turns out the middle child syndrome is the parents fault

Now I relate to this because I’m dead sure my sister, Meredith was the favourite when we were kids. And honestly? Far enough! I was the one who had to be on a leash until I was 5 and my sister was able to read Charlotte's Web in Kindergarden...Yeah. 

Now as adults, the proud parent-o-meter is probably equal. I’m likely right, because Daughters tend to be favored with 51% over 46% preferring sons…ouch

Maybe you shouldn’t be laughing at this, the study also says the number of parents who have a favorite is actually much higher since most are embarrassed to admit it. That one out of ten…more like 6.