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About Stephen Boyles

Well, hello there! Before I started working in radio, I was just another Millennial with a Liberal Arts degree and a heavy diet of avocado’s. After working for a few different companies in the Greater Toronto Area, I decided that it was time to roll the dice professionally and go back to school. After completing my post-graduate Radio Broadcast program at Humber College, I was ready to leave the warm womb of academia once more. Next thing I know, I’m moving across the country to the welcoming community of Dawson Creek, and started a new adventure.

My time outside of work is spent servicing my crippling addiction to professional sports and world affairs. I’m a homer when it comes to my teams, and I credit my Toronto sports fandom with teaching me invaluable life lessons. Things like have realistic expectations, don’t plan parades before you’re certain of anything and that you’re not always going to get what you want out of relationships you hold dear. Thanks, Leafs! Outside of watching sports, I read non-stop. Often, whatever game is on that night is simply the backdrop to whatever I’m reading. What can I say, I’m a Millennial, we need seventeen different things to be happening at a time.

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