Rock & Roll Bingo For $1000

CICZ - Rock & Roll Bingo $1000

Rock & Roll Bingo just got a whole lot bigger!

Sign up for your chance to play in an exclusive bingo night with 104.1 The Dock on Thursday, September 24th where you could win $1000 CASH in the final game!

The whole gang will be a part of the bingo session.... Wix, Meg, Josh & Lisa will all be there to hang out and wish you well.

If you got a chance to play one of our previous Rock & Roll Bingo Nights... it'll be just like that only the 3rd and final game prize will be $1000 cash!

Sign up before Noon on Wednesday, September 23rd. All previous Rock & Roll Bingo players are welcome.

If you're selected to take part, you'll get an email invitation with all the details on how to play!

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