A Message From Mayor Doug Leroux re. Covid-19


March 23, 2020

Mayor Doug Leroux - Update re: COVID-19


Here, in Penetanguishene and across the world, people are adapting to a new kind of life as we work collectively to lessen the spread of COVID-19. It's times like these that our ability to look out for one another is most important.  What are you doing to cope with COVID-19 and self-isolation? How are we supporting our neighbours through this time of uncertainty? Share some good today!

The Town of Penetanguishene’s Emergency Management Team held an electronic meeting this past Friday with our Fire Chief Paul Ryan and the Senior Staff. I participated from my home and staff that were together were socially distanced to ensure the health and safety of everyone. These meetings are currently happening twice weekly, but that may increase depending the needs of our community.

I would like to acknowledge our Director of Emergency Services, Paul Ryan for his preparedness and efficiency.  Also, Jeff Lees our CAO has done an excellent job of leadership in these trying times.   Our municipal staff on all levels have been stepping up to the plate to make sure that the safety of Penetanguishene is a priority.  To stay up to date on any impacts to municipal services, you can check our website www.penetanguishene.ca or you can sign up to have the updates sent directly to you by email here: here 

As I’m sure all of you are aware by now, our municipal offices and facilities remain closed and we are working with a reduced staff to provide services during the regular business hours of Monday to Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm.  Please remember, the services we can provide are limited, but our staff will make every effort to assist and they are happy to answer you by phone at 705-549-7453 or on the town’s website. For any after-hours roads, water or wastewater emergencies you can call 705-527-8210.  You may have also seen that our Transit system is back up and running and is now free for all riders until further notice.  Council will be meeting next week (electronically thanks to new provincial legislation) to discuss other ways we can help our community.  Stay tuned!

One of our residents, Robbie Newburn, contacted me and wanted me to pass along that if you or anyone is in need of food and other necessities, you may call him at 705-549-3497. The Knights of Columbus and members of the St. Vincent de Paul will deliver. They perform an amazing job in our community. We have many seniors in Penetanguishene and shut-ins. Give them a call and check up on them. I was also speaking to Eileen Steele, the Priest in charge of the Anglican Parish. If anyone has any donations of food, give her a call at 705-355-1337. Her church community is also doing their best to help feed those in need. Thanks.

I trust everyone is practicing social distancing or if you’ve been out of the country and returning home, you need to self-isolate for 14 days. This is absolutely critical to ensure that everyone is doing their part to “flatten the curve”.  Please help get this message to as many people as possible and remember to practise good health etiquette, including properly and regularly washing your hands.  Our Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit is a great place for resources if you need any additional information.  I would like to also send a huge thank you to our health and front line workers and to the grocery store workers. I’m sure that you are all exhausted. Kindness has become the new normal. How fortunate are we that we live in a community that abounds with good deeds?  

Please, stay home and stay safe!

Mayor Doug Leroux


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