Local filter manufacturer retools for PPE


A local manufacturer has re-tooled and is now producing 2,000 face masks per day in an effort to provide help to those dealing with Covid-19 in the community.

Industrial Filter Manufacturing Limited (IFM) has been producing filtration products for more than forty years servicing industries such as, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Paint and Chemical, Automotive, Oil and Gas and Petro Chemical. Their markets span more than thirty countries around the world.

CEO Dan Williams says that although their core business is very busy during the pandemic helping producers put food on shelves, drugs in pharmacies and gasoline in your car, the addition of face masks was a natural transition. “When you think about it, a face mask is nothing more than a filter”, says Williams.

Additional manufacturing equipment is on the way and will allow IFM to ramp-up output in June. IFM has been granted a medical licence (MDEL: Medical Device Equipment Licence) from Health Canada and is now producing a “Non-Medical Industrial Grade Face Mask”. Williams says that although the N95 certification process is underway, it could take weeks or even months to gain approval to use their masks in front line healthcare settings.

Part of each week’s production is being donated to community organizations in need and these have included:  homeless shelters, women’s shelters and organizations like Hospice Huronia. Community organizations in need are invited to contact IFM’s Mask Program Director: Spencer Williams; swilliams@liquidfiltration.com

Dan Williams says their product serves an immediate need as employees begin their journey back to work. Face masks are now available for purchase and immediate shipment or curbside pickup.

Contact: sales@liquidfiltration.com for pricing and details.

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