12 year old takes family's SUV for a QEW joyride



A 12 year old boy is safe, but probably in trouble,after being stopped on the QEW in an SUV.  Local police got a number of calls about a suspected drunk driver at about 1:30 in the morning.  They checked the area and weren’t able to find the vehicle.

More calls came into 911 around 2:30am, but city police still couldn’t find the suspect so they enlisted the help of the OPP.  Calls continued to come in about a vehicle without any lights on and a few about a young looking driver with their seat pulled all the way forward.  

This time they were able to pinpoint the vehicle and pull him over.  He wasn’t hurt but had been out for quite a while.  He’d used up a quarter tank of gas!

Police brought him home, where his Dad was shocked to find his son wasn’t sleeping upstairs as he’d thought.  Apparently, his son has never driven before and is normally pretty well behaved.  His dad is concerned and is more interested in talking to his son to find out why such a normally mild mannered kid would do this than figuring out a punishment right now.  

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