A side hustle worth almost a quarter million?



Way to create your own income!  A private investigator in Austrailia has created a new line of income.  He hires himself out to clients who want him to show up at their funeral and settle scores.

At the cost of $10 000 a funeral... he'll show up and point fingers, reveal secrets or deal with conflicts you just didn't have the ovaries to deal with yourself.  For example, at one funeral his job was to tell the deceased's best friend to take a seat and shut up as the deceased knew his buddy had been trying to start an affair with his wife.  At another, he revealed at a biker funeral that his client had been gay and his life partner was grieving alongside them at the funeral.  In both cases, you might wonder why the deceased chose not to deal with these during their lifetime, but both were happy to have the PI do it in their afterlife.  

He's had 22 clients over the last two years.  For a smaller fee, he'll also show up after you die and destroy things you don't want your family to find like secrets, drugs or porn.  I suspect this is where the REAL money is....

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