Did you know Midland has a vertical farm?

In a climate controlled environment Operation Grow can supply many different greens and herbs


Did you know Midland has a vertical farm?

You can buy kale, romaine, swiss chard, basil and other herbs as well as prepared items like soup, dressing, kale brownies and basil pesto.  The pesto is so popular they actually can’t keep it on the shelves. It’s usually sold out by noon even though they’re open til 5.

Monday, Wednesday & Fridays their retail space is open from 9-5, but Operation Grow is so much more than just produce.  

The pesto sells out by Noon!

As a social enterprise, it’s filling all sorts of voids in the community.  It’s a meeting space that provides training and employment for women who have experienced violence.  It has a commercial kitchen for member workshops but that is also available for rent. Their hope is that eventually members will be able to use it to start food businesses of their own.  

Their Farm Lead Meesha, says they’re even going to try offering produce in bulk so they can reduce their plastic packaging.  They’re trialing some new crops all the time and hope to be able to perhaps offer spinach one day too.  

Operation Grow is 436 Bay Street (where the LCBO used to be) and you can find out more information at OperationGrow.ca

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