Massive Trump snow sculpture in NFLD



In St. John's Newfoundland, there's a father and son who do a snow sculpture together every year.  This year they worked for 10 hours and came up with ....a massive bust of Donald Trump drowning in a sea of blue.

It's huge, with its arms up, gaping mouth and hair aflutter.  His red tie floats out in front of him in the painted blue snow.

The whole thing is painted and is what makes it so unmistakeably Trump.  Orange skin, yellow hair and a red tie and mouth.

James and his son Alton made sure it was ready for inauguration. James didn’t say much about politics when he was interviewed, just that it was a lot of fun to make. Many passersby laughed, though some made obscene gestures.  But James got the snow from shovelling the street and parking lot of the church next door…. so he feels the good deed balances out any obscene gestures:)

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