Monday Good News Stories


Here are some GOOD NEWS Stories for you to start your week.

-A Dad has gone viral after dancing maniacally outside his son's hospital room.  Chuck's 14 year old son Aiden is undergoing chemotherapy and only 1 parent at a time is allowed to go in for his treatment.  Chuck's wife takes Aiden to his chemo appointment and Chuck sets up outside the hospital and waits until he sees Aiden's face at the third floor window.  Then he dances wildly throughout the whole treatment just to make sure his son has something to smile about.

-A group of highschool football players stand up for a 16 year old with autism.  (Another) Aiden has autism and likes to wear a superhero cape at home.  He decided to wear it to school one day and as he stepped out of his dad's car someone pointed and snickered.  His Dad wrote about it on FB.  One of the football players saw it and then next day went to pick Aiden up and drive him to school WEARING A SUPERHERO CAMP.  When they got to school, the entire team, and Aiden, were all wearing capes.  Love to hear stories like this!

-And a live concert at Barrie Sunset Drive in raised $13 000 for the Orillia Youth Centre.  Drive In have been doing a number of streamed concert, but this had live musicians, with all audience members in their cars.  At $50 a head....  that's 13G to a much needed local charity.  Hurrah!

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