More Monday Good News Stories .... Wait it's Tuesday!



We all need a little good news and it's easier to tackle your week when you start off hearing good news about good stuff being done on this planet!  A few little stories about the good peeps out there....


Many election volunteers are senior citizens, and with that population being highest at risk for Covid right now, someone started a website to encourage yonger volunteers to sign up and (wo)man the polls so seniors could stay safe and stay home.  They were hoping for at least 250 000 volunteers.  They got 500 000!  Most under the age of 35!

With school closed earlier, a large issue was the inability to do school breakfast programs for kids who often get their best meal of the day at school.  School Breakfast programs are BACK ON!  And Friday Egg Farmers of Ontario presented a cheque at Beeton Public School for $75 000 for breakfast programs in the the province!

Way to go Rose Romita!  A caterer and former Barrie Counsellor, she's done a Thanksgiving meal program for those who need it for more than 25 years.  This year, she pivoted to offer take out Turkey dinners (all cooked in her own commercial kitchen at home!).  She was a bit sad as the program is about more than just food and focuses on friendship as well, but this year had to be about just food.  But she got 200 dinners out to people who needed them!  HOORAY!

Let's hear it for Daryl Carstens in Orillia - often called The Haunted House Guy.  He's been doing a popular haunted house on Ashton street for year for Halloween.  Obviously, can't this year... but went to his neighbours and convinced them to set up some of his decorations... even more jumped on board and he's now got 12 houses involved in a DRIVE BY HAUNTED STREET this year!  Families are invited to drive by starting at Dusk on Halloween!

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