The Dock's Drive To Donate

CICZ - Meg's Blood Drive Photo

Demand for blood donations is back up now that delayed surgeries have been re-scheduled, but Canadian Blood Services' ability to collect blood is reduced now that Covid restrictions require appointments to be booked in advance.
If The Dock can get 100 First Time Donors, or 'First Time in a Long Time' Donors to book an October appointment for Barrie at, Meg will broadcast from a vat of Jell-O.

That's 5 new donors a day.
What can you do?
-Book an appointment at
-search FB Frames for GiveLifeDock to change your profile frame
-challenge others to do the same on your socials

Does it have to be in Barrie? Of course not! The demand is high everywhere. You can donate in your area, but Barrie is our only permanent 5 day a week donation centre at 231 Bayview Drive.

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