The Next Covid shortage.... could be... monkeys?


We’ve had our share of shortages lately.  It started with toilet paper and flour, then trampolines, bikes and boats.  Now it’s monkeys.  Yes, monkeys.  

Here’s a hard truth:  If we’re getting a vaccine for this thing, we need a LOT of monkeys for non-human primate testing.  

And those of us outside the science community probably had no idea there was ALREADY a monkey shortage in research.  

It turns out, China was a lead exporter of research monkeys, and tough trade wars with the US and China had already made research monkeys harder and more expensive to access.  Then Covid hit, and China stopped supplying the world, knowing they’d need them for their own vaccine research. There are now more than 100 vaccines, therapies and drug treatments in the works, and if and when they get to the final testing stage they will need research monkeys. 


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