Things You Can Do With The Family While Self Isolating At Home


This week has been bizarre to say the least.  I'm a mom of three school aged kids.  I already had their March Break plans worked out as the majority of parents did - I'm lucky enough to be sending them to one Grandma's for a few days, and then to their other Papa's for the rest of the week.

And then comes the news that there will be no school for two weeks AFTER March Break.  We all undersand that these actions must be taken for the health and safety of our families and communities.  And it grows from there - trips and March Break camps are cancelled and YMCA's and Rec Centres are closed - many of things that you might have done while being home with your kids have shut down. Maybe your work is as well, or maybe you have been told to work from home if possible.  

So what's a parent to do?  I have compiled a list to keep everyone busy and happy - and hopefully enjoy this time together! 

Some families will try to stick to a schedule that incorporates a schedule with some learning time, and some outdoor time. And one local children's entertainer will be doing LIVE social media posts called Face Paint And Fairy Tales.  I've met Mabel Moon in person, and she is FANTASTIC!

There are always the usual, board games, nature walks, or take a hike through a Simcoe County Forest.  I know for my my gym closing sent me in to a bit of a panic, because we all know what happens when you get off your routine.  But a nice hike with your furry friend and/or kids would leave everyone feeling refreshed!

Many of the kids will be super sad that their favourite camp got cancelled for March Break and I don't blame them!  But my friends at Wildlife Fitness and Recreation are doing somethingt VERY cool!

And if your St. Patty's Day event has been cancelled, there's always this live stream from The Dropkick Murphys!

And when it's time to read, Scholastic Canada has got your back. 

I know my kids and many other local kids that LOVE the library.  While they may not be able to go there physically, maybe a virtual visit is in order:

Cincinnati is pretty far from home, but you can still visit, during a Facebook live every day at 3pm!!

And when all else fails, and you feel you are running out of activities, remember this:


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