Rock & Roll Bingo

CICZ - Rock & Roll Bingo Image

104.1 The Dock wants to have some fun with you, our listeners and give you an opportunity to win some Dock swag!

We're going to try an exclusive Bingo Night where we'll select 30 random entrants to join us for some Rock & Roll Bingo!

Enter the form below to sign up if you're interested in being included in this fun event! 
We'll announce a date in the near future.
We'll randomly select 30 entrants to join us for a 3 game session and where we'll have prizes for each game.

Selected entrants will be sent a link to a bingo card and an invite with password to join a zoom video meeting where they'll hear our bingo caller explain the rules and call out band names for you to mark on your bingo card.

Some swag you could win include our new Dock baseball caps, pens, mugs, and other neat items!