Josh Duncan

CICZ Josh Duncan

I’ll keep it short. After a satisfying career of packing smokes for convenient stores in a warehouse, I decided to try my hand at radio.

I love my wife, my two daughters, my (female) dog Ronnie James Dio… but since I’m wildly outnumbered, I like to spend my time sobbing in the garage.

You’ll also find me sportsing, bbqing and explaining to my children why they should kneel before the altar that is AC/DC.

  • Who Are The Worst People In The History Of Songs?

    I found this amusing list of the worst fictional people in the history of song lyrics. The couple from The Pina Coloda Song, Maxwell in The Beatles Maxwell's Silver Hammer and the coach who wouldn't let John Fogerty play in Centerfield make the cut. Who's on your list? ~ Josh

  • Tip Of The Hat For January 31st

    On today's Tip Of The Hat, Josh gives a nod to the good that can come from social media, Spicy P and the Superbowl. Enjoy!

  • Josh & Wix Talk Environmentally Conscious Terrorists On WTF

    Even terrorists are getting in on the plastic ban...

  • Josh & Wix Discuss Facial Recognition On WTF

    Josh and Wix talk about facial recognition technology on another edition of Two Grumpy Old Men Talk Technology....

  • WTF With Josh & Wix

    On today's WTF Josh & Wix discuss Diego the Studly tortoise who single-handedly saved his species. Warning ~ Contains mating tortoise sounds. 

  • RanDUMB Facts For Jan 14

    On today's extended web edition of Josh's RanDUMB Facts we talk dogs winning Oscars, one advantage to being tall and the Unicorn is the National Animal of what country?!

  • Tip Of The Hat For January 10

    Every Friday morning Josh gives a Tip of the Hat to those who make the world a better place. Today we give a nod to local lottery winners, animal lovers in Australia and the cricket player who got hit in the junk... while mic'd up for television. Enjoy!

  • RanDUMB Facts For January 7th

    On today's RanDUMB Facts Josh discusses why mushroom ketchup never caught on, Dick Cheney and tittles. Enjoy!

  • Tip Of The Hat - January 3rd

    Here's Josh's first edition of Tip Of The Hat for 2020 where he gives a nod to volunteer firefighters, opposable thumbs and Canadian stereotypes. Enjoy!

  • Tip Of The Hat - December 20th

    On today's extended version of Tip Of The Hat, we give a nod to "that guy" at the company Christmas party, patient Xmas Eve shoppers and your family... and by extension, rumnog. Enjoy!

  • RanDUMB Facts - Christmas Edition

    Here's the extended version of RanDUMB Facts and with the holidays looming, I give you the Christmas Edition of RanDUMB Facts where we talk Jingle Bells, why Rudolph's nose is red and why Christmas in Iceland sounds terrifying. Enjoy!

  • Penis Fish

    Josh talks about Penis Fish. A sentence I never thought I'd write but here we are. Life comes at you fast. ~ Josh