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Once a GTA transplant, Georgian Bay is now her permanent home.  In the last decade on 104.1 The Dock, Meg has gone from being a crazy cat lady who spent oodles of free time with mountain bikes, tents and kayaks, to a person who tries to run sometimes.  Sometimes it’s on a trail, sometimes it’s after her small children.  Still a total nerd she can usually be found paying library late fees or lugging mason jars to The Bulk Barn.



Brian Wicks has been with the Dock since its inception 12 years ago, as News Director and morning co-host. ‘Wix’, as he likes to be referred, has a couple of grown kids, one of each, who have long departed the nest, leaving Brian and Deb to pace freely about their Tiny Township home with no concern for clothing or manner. Wix has just welcomed his first grandchild, a boy named Beau, who he plans to nurture toward a career of underwater welding. When not spinning tales and relaying the days news on the radio, Wix enjoys being out on his boat on Georgian Bay, or trying to figure out that 16 foot putt on a local golf course. He is between dogs right now, but loves to train and care for canines, and will soon be shopping for another ‘Doodle’ of some sort to bring into the household.

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  • Our listeners can sing! Or not.

    Wix and Meg talked about people's 'go-to' songs that you can sing front to back. And some of you, offered up some great examples.

  • Barrie's Uptown Theatre has closed

    This was my favourite place to see a movie.  They had critically acclaimed movies that were hard to find in other theatres.  They had the best popcorn AND served BEER.  You had some great stories about your memories of the decades old theatre too.  ~Meg 

  • Trolling the tabloids goes a bit squirly

    When Meg got into her daily Trolling the Tabloids feature, things kinda went off the rails a bit.

  • We actually didn't mean innuendo

    Sometimes we're cheeky on purpose and know we're using innuendo.... but sometimes we don't mean to until it's too late.  This one got away from us.....

  • Banned from buying

    What has your spouse said you are NOT ALLOWED TO BUY ANY MORE!!!

  • LOM Jason on your car tire care

    Wix and Meg welcomed Listener of the Month Jason in today, and he's a car care expert, so being November First, we grilled him about Winter tires and such.

  • You're early Halloween forecast -- and more

    Wix and Meg chat with local weather watcher David Brain about the Halloween forecast, our first chance of snow, and the future of Wasaga Beach.!

  • Dock 5K Music challenge winner Jeff King

    We had out 5K contest winner in studio, and it turns out Jeff King is not only 5 Thousand dollars richer, he's got a great sense of humour.

  • Meg's been flashing her neighbors -- Needs a window blind

    Wix and Meg discuss Meg's bedroom window problem.  It faces the street, and is not covered.  And sometimes, neither is she !!

  • Tripping and Falling -- Wix and Meg's Monday contest

    What tripping hazard has 3 thousand people going to hospital every year. ??

  • G-Bay Gals Give - Give'n er'

    Wix and Meg chat with Michelle Mink from Georgian Bay Gals Give about their next fundraising evening, and Sarah Hull with Huronia Transition Homes, the recipients of next Monday night's event.

  • When kids are home for Thanksgiving...

    We realize many of your have your kids home, maybe for the first time, over Thanksgiving and sometimes it doesn't go how we'd like.  ~Wix & Meg 

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