Tommy Lee Shares Image Of Anti-Trump Rant, Twitter Goes Nuts


Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe is getting both criticism and praise for a wild anti-Trump rant he shared on Twitter – even though he didn’t write it.

The 56-year-old musician tweeted an image of a passage that has been floating around online for more than a year. It’s someone’s tongue-in-cheek vision for America after liberals have regained control.

Still, people are either slamming Lee or congratulating him.

“Wow, that's alot of hostility for someone that doesn't live in the real world with real world problems...... ain't that right millionaire…,” read one comment.

Another wrote: “Dude. Really???  Lots a hate from a guy that was soooo blessed to have played music for a living. Love ya but WTF?”

Other tweets ranged from “Beautifully stated, sir” to “So brave, so stunning.”

Lee appears to be ignoring the reactions to his decision to share the image of the rant. On Thursday he tweeted: “Ummm excuse me I have to go take a trump!!!”

Earlier in the week, the drummer had a clear message for haters.

“The next person who tells me to stick to drumming and stay out of politics,” he tweeted, “I’m gonna come to ur house and shove my drumsticks up ur a** until you sneeze.”