WATCH: Joey Kramer Returns To Aerosmith


Joey Kramer rejoined Aerosmith on Monday night during the band’s residency show at the Park Theater in Las Vegas.

“On the drums, Mr. Joey Kramer,” frontman Steven Tyler announced, as the drummer took his spot and started playing.

Kramer, who took a break from Aerosmith last year following an ankle injury, sued his bandmates last month for preventing him from performing on the Grammys. A founding member of the band, Kramer claimed he had to audition to earn his spot back, despite there being nothing in Aerosmith’s contract requiring them to “take any action to ‘prove’ or otherwise demonstrate his ability to perform after a period of temporary disability.”

He claimed after his Jan. 15th audition, without the band present, he was told he lacked the “energy” needed and that his playing wasn’t “technically correct.” The lawsuit alleges he was told he didn’t perform as well as his replacement, his drum tech John Douglas.

A judge later tossed out the lawsuit, ruling that Kramer “has not shown a realistic alternative course of action sufficient to protect the band’s business interests.”

Watch fan-shot footage of Kramer’s return to Aerosmith’s stage below:

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