Brockville General Hospital ramping up for more surgeries

Brockville General Hospital

Brockville General Hospital hopes to be back to its full surgical capacity by next month as it hopes to clear a backlog of surgeries held up by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nick Vlacholias, President and CEO at BGH said staff have been working to increase capacity since last month in an effort to catch up. 

"At the beginning of October, we'll probably be at 100 per cent capacity like we were prior to COVID," he said. 

"Every physician or surgeon we have, there's about five to seven or even up to ten staff behind him or her. So it's not as easy as say ramping up extended hours or weekends, this does impact the rest of the hospital and does impact staff," 

Premier Doug Ford said last week actions may have to be taken to increase capacity at hospitals across the province to clear a backlog of thousands of procedures, including surgeons working evenings and weekends. 

The Ontario Hospital Association said that health-care facilities are already using weekends and extended hours to help address patient needs.