Brockville Mayor defends divers at Centeen Park

Centeen Park 1

Brockville's Mayor is asking for residents to be respectful to one another as a number of complaints have been made about divers at Centeen Park. 

Mayor Jason Baker said a number of complaints have been made about out-of town divers using the park but said the city has been trying to attract the industry to the area for years and there's room for both divers and swimmers at the park. 

"For those people who are upset that there are divers from out of province coming into the City of Brockville, that's exactly what we've been working towards and trying to lure them here," Baker said. 

"So they're doing nothing wrong and we'll continue to work with the dive community to keep their equipment off the stairs." 

Baker said no one has exclusive access to the park and asks the public to treat eachother with respect.