An Axe-cellent New Business Idea Coming To Brockville

The Capitol - Brockville Feb 2020

A new axe throwing and escape room business is coming to Brockville

The Capitol will have six axe throwing targets and one cabin-style escape room.

Owner Curt Geneau says he wanted a family-friendly facility for everyone to enjoy.

"Anyone can do axe-throwing," says Geneau. "As long as you show you are capable and can safely throw an axe we're probably thinking around 10 years and up."

Geneau has two little nieces and at 10 and 12 he says they've both been hitting bullseyes.

When Geneau told people he wanted to open an escape room - he was blown away by all the people hoping for axe throwing too.

The Capitol will draw on the history of the city. Geneau says the feel of the space will be inspired the original Capitol theatre that once stood downtown on King.

He says he sees it as a great facility for holiday get-togethers and team bonding exercises that can be found in Ottawa and Kingston

"There's a lot of companies and businesses that want to do that sort of thing and they have to leave Brockville, so we'll bring it here and have them enjoy it here."

The facility is being built on North Augusta road, near Broadway, and should be open in February of 2020. To check out hours and details in the meantime, Geneau encourages residents to go to their website.