Cheers, Jeers For Possible Twin Pad

Chris Tucker, Brockville Twin Pad Arena Meeting

Mixed feelings for the possible future twin pad arena.

That's what a special Economic Development and Planning Committee public meeting heard last night.

The meeting had to be moved to the Brockville Memorial Centre to accommodate the large number of residents who came out to pose questions to the city committee members, and the project's developers.

One of those for the project is Chris Tucker, he lives just down from the proposed site in the west end.

He says the city can't just wait for Brockville's Centennial Youth Arena to become like the Leo Boivin Arena in Prescott.

"We have an opportunity to go forward with the school board and people are providing a lot of financial backing," he says. "It would cost us so much more to not be a part of that."


Brockville residents review renderings of a possible Twin Pad Arena and UCDSB school site on August 4, 2018


But there were a lot of cheers for those voicing concerns about those costs.

Rheal Lescelle says he believes in the idea of the project but doesn't think now is the time.

"We don't have the money," he says. "As wonderful as this is, we don't have the money. Let's regroup, let's build the reserves and then let's go. And let's get some accurate costs on this project."

The site being discussed would be done as a joint project with the Upper Canada District School Board that is planning a new school facility on the old Phillips Cable. The committee says that regardless of what happens with the actual arena, the school will be built.

The questions, which ranged from tree placement, to traffic congestion concerns, will be addressed in the committee and developers final report.