Elgin School Locked Down After Threats Of Violence Called In


A high school in Elgin has fallen victim to the same threats Kingston schools are facing, after an anonymous call threatened violence.

The Rideau District High School was placed on lockdown and a hold and secure as Ontario Provincial Police investigated the threat. The school was released around 1pm.

On Wednesday, three schools went on lock down in Kingston after someone called in threats of weaponized violence. Then similar holds had to be put in place after threats were called into Marie-Rivier Catholic Secondary, LCVI, KCVI, and Holy Name Catholic School in Kingston, as well as Rideau District High School in Elgin.

Police confirm no one was injured as a result of the threats.

Kingston Police Media Officer Cam Mack urges parents to trust their school, the school board, and the police that they are doing everything they can to make sure schools are safe.

The person behind a recently-created Twitter account is still claiming responsibility for the threats, and police are still urging everyone not to interact with the account.


- With files from Matthew Bisson at 98.3 Fly FM News, in Kingston.