Env Canada Says To Brace For A Warm Fall

Fall Tree

As kids head back to classes - they may not want to pull out the fall sweaters just yet.

Tuesday is the first day back to classes for English board students, and is forecasted to be 32C with the humidity. Wednesday looking even hotter -- feeling like its pushing 39C.

Environment Canada's Senior Climatologist David Phillips says according to their data, fall will continue to be warmer.

"I don't want you to think every day is going to be glorious blue skies and white puffy clouds, that's not the case here in Ontario." jokes Phillips. "But we think flavour, the personality of fall, will be warmer than normal."

Phillips says to expect the usual weather patterns - air conditioners will turn off, pumpkins will mean frost.

But he says for the next few weeks, coming off a hot summer, the usual cold front for this time of year is no match for the heat that’s already settled in.

“It’s almost like a bank,” he explains. “The ground is warmer, the rivers are warmer, the Great Lakes are warmer, so it’s more difficult for the cool, cold fronts when they come through to remove all that heat.”

As for the actual summer itself Phillips thinks one will stand out in people's minds.

"Certainly been a warm summer, not record warm, but certainly very humid,” he says “We'll remember it as one of the most humid summers on record."