Line Up For Dancing Stars of Leeds-Grenville Unveiled

Dancing Stars Leeds-Grenville 2020

The line up for Dancing Stars of Leeds Grenville has been announced. 

Local celebrities get paired up with a professional choreographer and will spend eight weeks preparing to compete for votes for who does the best routine on March 7.

On since 2012, The event is the largest annual fundraiser for the Volunteer Centre of St. Lawrence-Rideau.

Tickets will be available at a later date.

TEAM Anita 
Choreographer Anita Mortsch
Catherine Durnford Wang & Tony Barnes

TEAM Katrina
Choreographer Katrina Burns
Audrey Carignan & Cholly Boland

TEAM The Workshop Dance Studio 
Choreographer Nancy Morgan
Mayor Nancy Peckford & Deputy Mayor Jim McManaman

TEAM Ingrid & Spencer
Choreographer Ingrid Doucette & Spencer Moreau of Ball Room Blitz  
Cathie Blair & Mark Leslie

TEAM Thrill Dancers 
Choreographer Emily Carter & Victoria Emmons
Jessica Barabash & Brad Speck

TEAM Thrill Dancers
Choreographer Grace Villeneuva
Janet Binkle & Jason Cook 

TEAM Christina
Choreographer Christina Edge
Stephanie Dunbar & Tim Graham

Choreographer Jeff Patry
Bonnie Coughlar & Darren Gallacher