May Court Club Honouring Fallen Soldiers With In-Store Poppy Display

May Court Club - Poppies

The May Court Club wants to see your poppies.

Since the beginning of the month they've been covering a dress in their Thrift Shop with the red symbol for Remembrance Day and Canadian veterans.

Organizer Sheila McCool says when she saw the idea from a picture on Facebook she thought it was a beautiful tribute.

"My father being a veteran, and being a prisoner of war in World War II I thought this perfect to pay tribute to him and all the veterans who've made sacrifices."

The original dress in the photo was filled with poppies made from material, but McCool wanted to make sure that money went to the Legion Poppy  Fund so decided to use proper Legion flower.

The dress was found in the shop, and one of the ladies who works at May Court donated her late husband’s uniform to stand alongside it.

McCool says since it started at the beginning of the month, the entire campaign has quickly surpassed her expectations.

At first the goal was to fill an entire dress before this Saturday (the store is closed on Sundays so they will not be able to collect any the day before the Nov. 11 ceremonies), but the shop managed to make that goal within a few days.

Now she wants to fill the floor of the window display with poppies, just like the original photo.

Visitors can buy poppies in-store or donate their own. People have been quick to give.

"Just [Wednesday] night after the store closes; my husband and I were putting on the poppies. Someone walked by and banged on the window waving $20," she laughs. "[They were yelling] this is for the poppies! Put some more on!"

"We're very, very pleased with the support so far," she says.

The May Court Club is located on King St.