Revamped Purolator facility reopens in Brockville

Purolator Brockville

BROCKVILLE -- To help meet the demands of e-commerce growth in Eastern Ontario, Brockville has been chosen to help launch Purolator’s first phase of a Canada-wide network expansion.

“It’s a huge improvement for the town,” said resident Karin Cotto. “We’ve had quite a few loses in the last year and a half so to have jobs brought back in, boost the economy, it’s a good thing.”

The company says Brockville was chosen for its strategic location between major cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and to help meet the demands of online shopping.

“We have 25 couriers here working seven days a week at the moment before the peak” said Chris Spanjaard, Purolator’s chief operations officer. “This is really to accommodate all the growth we have already but also stimulate further growth in this region.”

The facility closed down in 2013 and reopened Wednesday. It will process more than 6,800 packages every week.

It’s all part of Purolator’s country-wide expansion.

“We’re investing $1 billion in the coming years in Canada from new facilities…a new Ontario hub, fleet, but also in IT,” Spanjaard said.