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Desjardins awarded $3M in GoodSpark Grants to small business owners.

  • Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts - The Big 5

    Leslie Roberts starts the show by breaking down the top five stories of the day. Joined by CFRA’s Chris Holski and CTV’s John Crupi. Highlighting the dress code in high school debate, the Buffalo school shooter, Ontario party leaders debating for the first and final time, and many more. Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts every weekday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on News Talk 580 CFRA
  • The Morning Rush - Medical Myth Busting with Dr. Barry Dworkin “Gene-Editing technique allows infertile mice to have babies”

    During his daily chat with Dr. Barry Dworkin, Bill Carroll discusses the possibilities of a successful technique used to edit the genes of infertile mice, allowing them to have babies.  Medical Myth Busting with Dr. Barry Dworkin on The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll every weekday at 6:50 am on News Talk 580 CFRA. 
  • The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll - Bill's Best Binges

    Every Monday Bill Carroll highlights the best shows he’s been binging along with producer Matt Harris. Today Bill is watching Tehran from Apple TV while Matt has been keeping up with The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix. Bill's best binges every Monday morning at 6:35 & 8:35 am Mondays on The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll. 
  • The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll - Morning Meeting

    Bill Carroll starts the show with producer Matt Harris. Today giving a behind the scenes look at The Morning Rush while they break down the top and trending stories of the day.  Every morning at 5 o'clock we let you look behind the curtains to the Morning Rush morning meeting with Bill Carroll. We talk about what's trending today, all the topics, and interviews for The Morning Rush show. 
  • CFRA Live – Could the Buffalo shooting happen here?

    CFRA Live host Andrew Pinsent weighs in on Saturday’s racially-motivated mass shooting in Buffalo and our current political climate, with white-nationalist theories getting more mainstream play.
  • CFRA Live – After a disturbing weekend shooting spree in Buffalo, are you concerned where Canada’s state of political affairs is headed?

    Ten people have lost their lives and three others have been injured following a Saturday shooting at a Buffalo supermarket. Authorities say the horrific actions displayed by the 18-year-old suspect were racist in nature and streamed on social media. Before the attack, the gunman had previously cited the Great Replacement Theory, a white nationalist trope. In the wake of last week’s hateful messages directed towards NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, are you concerned where Canada’s state of political affairs is headed? In this week’s edition of the Sunday Morning Panel, host Andrew Pinsent is joined by Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, NDP strategist Karl Belanger, and Conservative strategist Tasha Kheiriddin.
  • CFRA Live – 21-year-old Russian solider on trial for killing an unarmed Ukrainian civilian

    Following the past 11 weeks of bloodshed, a 21-year-old Russian solider was placed in a court of law on Friday, going on trial for the killing of an unarmed Ukrainian civilian. It’s the first instance of war-crime prosecution that we’ve seen as a result of these conflicts, spearheaded by Russian President Vladimir Putin in late-February. John Packer is the Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre at the University of Ottawa. He joins Andrew Pinsent to outline the significance of this action.
  • CFRA Live – Liberals, Conservatives fight off negative headlines in Week 2 of the Ontario election campaign

    A handful of negative headlines kept the Liberals and Conservatives on their toes, as Week 2 of the provincial election campaign winds down. Steven Del Duca parted ways with a trio of Liberal candidates after their previous social media sins came to light. Doug Ford, meantime, supported Stephen Lecce following his apology for previously taking part in a fraternity ‘slave auction’. On Monday night, all 4 parties will be ready to pitch their visions to Ontarians during a pivotal debate. Who has the edge going into Week 3? Barry McLoughlin is the President of Transformational Leadership Consultants and he joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.
  • CFRA Live – Fueled by a pandemic spike, cybercrimes against children on the rise in Canada

    A recent stats dump from StatsCan points to an alarming trend that is currently unfolding across the country. Thursday’s findings suggest that, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, police-reported cybercrimes against children have risen. Not only that, they have more than doubled over a seven-year period. In 2020, the rates of crimes related to child pornography were roughly 33 percent higher than they were in 2019, while the rate of child luring offences climbed by 22 percent within that 12-month span. Wayne MacKay is a Law Professor at Dalhousie University and he breaks down these staggering numbers on today’s edition of CFRA Live.

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