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  • CFRA Live – Ontario school board pens open letter to Education Minister Stephen Lecce, voices concerns over COVID protocols

    As students prepare to return to the classroom on Monday, a growing number of critics are feeling very uneasy. Here at home, the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board has voiced their concerns, but the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board has been one of the most vocal parties so far. Based in Napanee, they have penned an open letter to the leader of Ontario’s education file, concerned over a lack of consultations with school boards and unions before a decision was reached. Other areas of concern include broadband inequities, access to testing kits, and access to N95 masks. Tom Dall is the Chair of the ALCDSB’s Board of Trustees and he joins Andrew Pinsent on today’s edition of CFRA Live.
  • CFRA Live – Unvaccinated truckers entering Canada will still be subjected to PCR tests, quarantine requirements

    Less than 48 hours after backing off on their vaccine mandates for unvaccinated Canadian truckers, the Trudeau government has reverted back to its original plan. Unvaccinated Canadian truckers who are attempting to enter the Canadian border will need to be fully-vaccinated. If they are not, PCR testing and quarantine requirements will put their commutes in limbo. This also applies to any truckers who are foreign nationals. What factors led to a series of mixed messages this week? Are vaccines taxes going to do more harm than good? Conservative strategist Alise Mills, Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, and NDP strategist Karl Belanger join Andrew Pinsent for the first Sunday Morning Panel of 2022.
  • CFRA Live – A resilient 20 minutes of hockey caps off a successful Alberta road trip for the Senators

    A series of NHL postponements has impacted 22 games in Canadian cities since the start of January, keeping the Ottawa Senators on the sidelines for most of 2022. On Saturday, they secured an Alberta sweep by scoring five times against Edmonton in the final 20 minutes. That 6-4 win also snapped a 9-game slide against the Oilers, with the previous win coming in December of 2019. Technical producer Stephen Ellsworth joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live to talk about their 2-game win streak.
  • CFRA Live – Canadian troops try to navigate through a potentially sticky situation in Ukraine

    Amidst rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Canadian troops who are currently based in Ukraine are pressing ahead with their training missions. However, they are watching closely as diplomats try to avert a messy situation from unfolding. In the event of an invasion, the United States government says they will not send troops to defend Ukraine. NATO has taken a similar stance on this issue. What are the possible scenarios at play here? Could our forces be caught in the crossfire? Jeff Sadaheo is an Associate Professor in Political Studies at Carleton University and he joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.
  • CFRA Live – One of Ronnie Spector’s closest friends reflects on her musical legacy

    La La Brooks’ musical friendship with the late Ronnie Spector began when she was just 14 years old. As the years passed by, they frequently shared the stage together as pivotal members of two popular girl groups. Brooks got her break with The Crystals and Spector got hers with The Ronettes. Six years after releasing her latest album, Ronnie took her final breath at the age of 78, but her legacy will continue to live on through the countless musicians she inspired along the way. La La Brooks joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live to remember her closest friend.
  • CFRA Live – What are Doug Ford’s chances of re-election heading into June’s provincial election?

    In the early stages of 2022, with every decision that is made by the Ontario government, some skeptics will be keeping the month of June in mind. That is when Ontarians are scheduled to hit the polls for the first time since 2018. Back then, there was no COVID-19 pandemic. Back then, people were looking for a new voice after years of Liberal spending led to a massive deficit. Back then, the people chose Doug Ford to lead them. Does it look like we are leaning towards a new direction or a P.C. re-election? Andrew Pinsent speaks to Conservative strategist Jamie Ellerton on CFRA Live.
  • CFRA Live – As COVID continues to take numbers and claim lives, are significant taxes necessary to achieve full-vaccination across Canada?

    The short-term landscape against COVID-19 doesn’t look pretty, but a variety of vaccines will slowly give us the edge in the long-range game against this ugly pandemic. And yet, after almost two full years of living with a potentially lethal virus, not everyone is eager to roll up their sleeves and get the shot. Over in Quebec, it appears that politicians are gradually losing their patience, laying the foundation for a tax that targets anyone that doesn’t get vaccinated without a proper medical exemption. Can we ethically convince unvaccinated Canadians to get the jab or are these drastic measures necessary? Could we see the Ontario government introduce a similar strategy if nothing improves? Phoebe Friesen, a biological ethicist at McGill University, joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.
  • CFRA Live – While he is optimistic that the tide will turn against Omicron, Head of Ontario’s COVID Science Advisory Table says the next steps are up to us

    As the province of Ontario continues to set daily hospitalization records, Dr. Kieran Moore warns that our current restrictions might stick around beyond January 26. Gyms, movie theatres, restaurants, and other businesses would likely be waiting several weeks for a return to normal. In order to move forward, Dr. Moore is looking for a peak and a plateau in hospitalizations, neither of which he feels our province has seen during the Omicron wave. When the Ford government decides to ease restrictions, measures will be lifted in two-week stages to measure their impact. How close are we to flattening the curve? Is it too soon to send kids back to classroom settings when testing kits are in short supply and our hospitals are drastically overwhelmed? Dr. Peter Juni, the Head of Ontario’s COVID Science Advisory Table, joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.
  • Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts for Friday January 14th, 2022

    Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts for Friday January 14th, 2022 features interviews from these guests;  CHRIS HOLSKI AND Andy Pinsent Omar Khan, a professor of Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto Tony Chapman, marketing and branding expert and host of Chatter That Matters every Friday at noon here on CFRA 580 Catherine Hogan, High school teacher in Hudson (outside Montreal) and mother of 2 NBC National News Correspondent Michael Bower Music Expert Eric Alper Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts every weekday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on News Talk 580 CFRA

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