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  • CFRA Live – ‘Be careful who you dance with’: Right-wing figure Jeremy McKenzie arrested by RCMP officials, but not for disturbing comments made against Pierre Poilievre’s wife

    Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre requested the RCMP look into right-wing figure Jeremy McKenzie over disturbing comments made against Poilievre’s wife. As it turns out, McKenzie was arrested by law enforcement last week, except it was on weapons charges. Canada’s police force has made it very clear that no level of political interference was involved. What do you make of this situation? Did the Tories get too cozy with the far-right movement? Andrew Pinsent poses this question to Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, NDP strategist Karl Belanger, and Conservative strategist Tasha Kheiriddin.

  • CFRA Live – Despite going legally blind, American software engineer is determined to push forward

    Sameer Doshi, an author and software engineer, became legally blind at the age of 31 following complications with cataract surgery. He has since taught himself how to use a computer and continued to progress in his career while overcoming his fair share of challenges. Sameer joins Andrew Pinsent to share his story as National Blindness Awareness Month gets underway.

  • CFRA Live – Gritty, highly-competitive 67’s begin a new OHL season with plenty of promise

    Last year, a very young Ottawa 67’s squad secured a playoff spot in the OHL’s Eastern Conference, giving a Top 3 team from North Bay a respectable fight despite an opening round sweep. This year, a lot of similar faces are back in the picture, eager to turn a score-by-committee hockey club into a post-season threat. And with a lot of weapons in the East Division beginning their professional careers, the door for a Top 5 seed in the Eastern Conference might be available for Ottawa to claim. Technical producer Stephen Ellsworth describes this year’s cast of characters.

  • CFRA Live – ‘You had to prioritize who was getting fuel’: Massive cleanup continues in Cape Breton as residents remain powerless

    Major cleanup efforts continue in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia as several residents remain in the dark following last weekend’s tropical storm. And as cleanup crews venture into the city’s rural areas, turning the lights back on is far from simple due to a combination of fallen trees and downed power lines. Cape Breton Mayor Amanda McDougall joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.

  • CFRA Live – While it was only 8 games, the 1972 Summit Series helped change hockey forever

    A lot of hockey experts will argue that the 1972 Summit Series was more than just 8 games of tense entertainment. Before there was Wayne Gretzky and Sidney Crosby, there was Phil Esposito and Paul Henderson. On the Russian side, the brick wall of defense that was built by Vladislav Tretiak inspired European goalies to make their mark. And as we reached the 1990’s, you had Finnish and Swedish talents turning into household names, with countries such as Czechia and Slovakia not far behind them. Technical producer Stephen Ellsworth explains why this spectacle, in some ways, formed the game of hockey as we know it today.

  • ESS: Riskin It All with Dan Riskin

    Will the hearing aid of the future be implanted in your mouth? CTV science and technology specialist Dan Riskin joins guest host Graham Richardson for the weekly segment 'Riskin it All.' 

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  • ESS: Overhyped v. Underplayed with Scott Reid

    Scott Reid, CTV News political commentator and former communications director for Prime Minister Paul Martin, joins guest host Graham Richardson for Overhyped vs. Underplayed. 

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  • ESS: 'Just an unbelievable, emotional day' - Newfoundland man on community support after Hurricane Fiona

    Corey Munden, a man in Port aux Basques, Newfoundland and Labrador, is helping his parents move out after Hurricane Fiona destroyed their family home. He tells guest host Graham Richardson the community support has been incredible. 

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  • Ottawa At Work Big Five Stories "Ian makes landfall in southwest Florida as Category 4 hurricane, trapping people in homes"

    Ottawa At Work with Patricia Boal Big Five stories of the day featuring Chris Holski and Andrew Pinsent.

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