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Desjardins awarded $3M in GoodSpark Grants to small business owners.

  • Ottawa Now – After a dress code blitz caused a stir on social media, local school board begins the conversation to restore trust with students

    A controversial dress code blitz created quite the social media stir last week, as hundreds of students at Beatrice-Desloges High School made their voices heard. Students, mostly female, were pulled out of class at the Orleans school last Thursday to confirm whether or not their attire followed the rules. The school board responsible says they would look at changing the enforcement of the school’s dress code and they would also examine the dress code itself. What has happened since those conversations? Kristy Cameron is joined by Jason Dupuis, the Superintendent of Education at Ottawa’s French Catholic School Board, and Daniel Boudria, a School Board Trustee for Cumberland Ward.
  • Ottawa Now – Shortage of glass bottles creating a massive hangover for local distilleries

    The threat of COVID-19 in indoor settings, combined with sharp upticks in new cases, served as a gut-punch to the bottom-line of several restaurants. The curveballs didn’t stop last year, either. Today, a new threat is causing massive hangovers for these businesses. It’s a glass bottle shortage stemming from supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. The owner of a micro-distillery located in Kanata says his business was recently reduced to selling spirits in maple syrup bottles, adding that newer bottles might not be seen until 2023. Adam Brierley from Ogham Craft Spirits outlines the current challenges that lie ahead for his company on Ottawa Now.
  • ESS: Parents under investigation after letting 6-year-old son run full marathon

    Ben Crawford is defending his decision to allow his six-year-old son to run a full marathon alongside his family. He explains to Evan how the decision was made and the public reaction that came out of it. Then, we take your texts and calls.  Listen to The Evan Solomon Show podcast on the iHeart radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @EvanSolomonShow.
  • ESS: Canada and France discuss importance of protecting Juno Beach

    Tireless efforts to stop a proposed condo development on Juno Beach in France, where hundreds of Canadians died during the D-Day landings of the Second World War, have shown to be effective. Cindy Clegg, organizer of the 'Save Juno Beach' campaign, tells Evan a meeting between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and French President Emmanuel Macron resulted in their commitment to protect the site. Listen to The Evan Solomon Show podcast on the iHeart radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Follow us on Twitter at @EvanSolomonShow.
  • Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts - The Big Five

    Leslie Roberts looks to break down the top and trending stories at the top of the show. Today on the panel is CFRA’s Chris Holski and chair at Summa Strategies, Tim Powers. Topics of the day contain the provincial leadership debate, a Royal visit to the capital, location of Canada Day celebrations, and more. Ottawa At Work with Leslie Roberts every weekday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on News Talk 580 CFRA
  • The Morning Rush - Brian Lilley “Provincial leaders misfire in debate as PC leader Doug Ford wins by default.”

    From the Toronto Sun, Brian Lilley joins the show to speak with Bill Carroll about last night's provincial leadership debate. Host of Nothing with Brian Lilley of the Toronto Sun every Friday at 9:05 am on The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll. 
  • The Morning Rush - Medical Myth Busting with Dr. Barry Dworkin “Treatment for Dupuytren's disease as clinical trial shows efficacy ”

    Bill Carroll speaks with Dr. Barry Dworkin daily, today discussing a new breakthrough treatment used to treat Dupuytren’s disease as new clinical trials show efficacy of anti-TNF Drug. Medical Myth Busting with Dr. Barry Dworkin on The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll every weekday at 6:50 am on News Talk 580 CFRA. 
  • The Morning Rush - At The Rink with Gord Wilson “Big changes for the Toronto Maple Leafs, on the ice? Behind the bench? Or in the office?”

    After Bill Carroll’s Toronto Maple Leafs were eliminated from the playoffs, he speaks with Ottawa Senators colour commentator Gord Wilson about what fans can expect from the remaining rounds of the playoffs. As well as commenting on the Mitch Marner carjacking and Tim Stuzle’s knee injury at the Hockey World Championships.   At The Rink with Gord Wilson, on The Morning Rush every Tuesday & Thursday at 6:35 & 8:35 am on News Talk 580 CFRA
  • The Morning Rush with Bill Carroll - The Morning Meeting

    In this behind the scenes look at The Morning Rush, Bill Carroll chats with producer Matt Harris. Together they discuss the top and trending stories of the day.  Every morning at 5 o'clock we let you look behind the curtains to the Morning Rush morning meeting with Bill Carroll. We talk about what's trending today, all the topics, and interviews for The Morning Rush show. 

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