A new French-language bill has sparked plenty of controversy in Quebec over the past few weeks. In recent days, a veterinarian was barred from her occupation in the province because she did not pass her language test. Today, Bill 96 sparked a last-minute protest, as organizers voiced their concerns over the unintended consequences that this confusing legislation could inflict on the province’s culture, not to mention Quebec’s economy and its post-secondary institutions. Linda Vanderlee and Kate


If you sprain your ankle, and you are craving instant pain relief, how long does it take for you to reach for the medicine cabinet? While it might prove effective in the short-term, a new Canadian study says you might pay the price down the road. It finds that using anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids after injury could increase your chances of developing chronic pain. Jeffrey Mogil, a Professor of Psychology at McGill University and the main author behind this study, joins Kristy Cameron on Ottawa Now.