CFRA Live – After a Quebec teacher was reassigned for wearing a hijab while on the job, what is the bigger picture surrounding the repercussions of Bill 21?


The teacher of a Third Grade classroom in Chelsea, Quebec was recently reassigned after wearing a hijab while on the job, repercussions that were largely caused by Bill 21. Quebec Premier Francois Legault and his provincial government created controversy when this legislation received the green light in 2019, a law which applies to a wide variety of government employees that are deemed to be in positions of authority. While parents of the students came to Fatemeh Anvari’s defense, Premier Legault doubled down on the situation by saying it was wrong for the school board to hire Anvari in the first place. What is the bigger picture surrounding this week’s events? Bronwen Low is an Associate Professor at McGill University’s Department of Integrated Studies of Education. She joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.