CFRA Live – ‘Do not build a barrier between yourself and others you don’t know’: Dr. Muhammad Suliman encourages awareness, education, and compassion following last Sunday’s horrific events in London


It has been a full week since a racist attack unfolded in London, Ontario. Last Sunday, the Afzaal family went out for an evening stroll when they were suddenly struck by a vehicle. The 20-year-old driver behind the wheel is now facing four charges of first-degree murder, and one charge of attempted murder, after his vehicle went onto the sidewalk and struck the family. It’s an act of violence that has shaken the Muslim community across the country, not just the City of London. Muhammad Suliman is an Imam at the Ottawa Mosque. As he explains to Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live, showing empathy towards others and being open-minded to differing faiths is a critical step in building a strong foundation between all Canadians.