CFRA Live – While he is optimistic that the tide will turn against Omicron, Head of Ontario’s COVID Science Advisory Table says the next steps are up to us


As the province of Ontario continues to set daily hospitalization records, Dr. Kieran Moore warns that our current restrictions might stick around beyond January 26. Gyms, movie theatres, restaurants, and other businesses would likely be waiting several weeks for a return to normal. In order to move forward, Dr. Moore is looking for a peak and a plateau in hospitalizations, neither of which he feels our province has seen during the Omicron wave. When the Ford government decides to ease restrictions, measures will be lifted in two-week stages to measure their impact. How close are we to flattening the curve? Is it too soon to send kids back to classroom settings when testing kits are in short supply and our hospitals are drastically overwhelmed? Dr. Peter Juni, the Head of Ontario’s COVID Science Advisory Table, joins Andrew Pinsent on CFRA Live.