City of Pembroke declares climate emergency

pembroke city hall

The city of Pembroke became the first municipality in Renfrew County to declare a climate emergency after passing a motion on Thursday. 

Councillor Ed Jacyno put forward the motion, which then passed by a vote of 5 to 1. Councillor Andrew Plummer was the dissenting opinion.

Jacyno cited an increased frequency of servere and damaging weather caused by climate change as the impetus to act.

"It's not just a number of 'Greenpeacers' that are trying to protect the climate over all else," Jacyno said. "I think it's people who understand wholeheartedly that there is an issue with our world."

Mayor Michael LeMay noted during the meeting that the document had been developed over the past year with the Climate Action Committee.

Across Canada, nearly 500 municipalities have made similar designations.