It will only get colder from here: Wednesday tops the temperature this week

There are six days left in summer and, by the forecast, they're looking mostly sunny.

Wednesday's forecast is warmer than average, with a high of 24°C with lots of sunshine.

The average high for this time of the year is around 19°C.

Do expect a few clouds to move in by the evening, bringing some showers overnight. The low is 9°C, which is in line with seasonal norms.

The showers will be short-lived. The forecast for Thursday calls for the sky to clear up in the morning, with a sunny afternoon in store. The high is a bit below average at 16°C.

Friday is looking sunny with a high of 17°C.

The nighttime lows for the rest of the week do seem rather autumnal—near 1°C to 2°C through to the fall equinox at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 22—but the daytime highs remain in the high teens.

Here's a quick look at the long-term forecast:

  • Saturday: Sunny, high 17°C.
  • Sunday: Sunny, high 17°C.
  • Monday: Sunny, high 19°C.
  • Tuesday: Sunny, high 21°C.