Big wins and cringe-worthy gaffes: John Horgan’s political career has had both

One of the first questions any outgoing leader is asked is about their proudest and most regretful moments in office, and since John Horgan didn’t want to look back at his career on the day he announced his retirement, we did that for him. 

At the top of this article is a broadcast story highlighting some of the biggest triumphs and face-palm moments of Horgan’s career in the best format to absorb them –video. 

“Speaking off the cuff is not new for me,” the premier said today, in his typical nonchalant fashion. “I speak my mind and sometimes there's consequences to that that are not politically advantageous.” 

Examples of that include a swift backlash for callous comments he made following last year's deadly heat dome and a recently dropped 'f-bomb' in the legislature. 

As for his most notable achievements, long-time New Democrat and friend of the premier, Joy McPhail, points to legislation that would see the province implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and ICBC reform among his biggest legacies, as well as involving more women in his cabinet, describing the museum flip-flop as an opportunity to show he’s willing to take responsibility. 

“He actually brought the province together under very difficult circumstances," she insisted. “He has such a big heart and an even bigger brain that we're really going to miss." .