Keystorm Pub starts "Curbside Charity Challenge" for essential workers

Dan Thompson shows off Keystorm Pub gift cards that are being given to front-line workers in Brockville on May 28, 2020. (Nathan Vandermeer / CTV News Ottawa)

Keystorm Pub is hoping to help support local business in Brockville and help essential workers in the midst of the pandemic with their new Curbside Charity Challege.

Owner Dan Thomnpson says that for the next 10 days the restaurant is pushing to sell 1000 meals. Anyone who purchases a full-price meal will also be provided a ballot to nominate an essential worker for a draw.

"It doesn't matter to us, of course, whether it's a grocery store worker," Thomnpson said. "The nurses, the doctors, the paramedics, the firemen, people at the gas stations. Anybody who's had to have been open for the last year and could not refuse to go to work, and there's so many of them."

Thomnpson said they wanted a chance to thank essential workers.

That draw will end with one essential worker receiving a $1000 prize to help support them through the pandemic, while also encouraging people in Brockville to support local business.

Thomnpson says that if this initial run goes well, there is a chance to continue the challenge through the following 10 days but providing ballots for local charities instead of essential workers.

Anyone interested in participating can get in touch with Keystorm Pub at 613-345-0404.