Chainsaw-wielding men arrested at Cherry Beach

Toronto Police are piecing together a terrifying scene at Cherry Beach over the weekend.

Videos have emerged of two men, seemingly covered in blood, coming from the bushes of the park, wielding chainsaws at witnesses.

Toronto Police confirm they did get called to the area yesterday morning just before 10 a.m. 

"What we're investigating is that two men became involved in an altercation and they suffered some injuries. They fled the scene and returned with weapons. Officers arrived on-scene and the men were arrested and charged accordingly," explains Cst. David Hopkinson

In the video you can hear one of the them yell "who hit me?!"

"I know there is some video that is circulating and we are reviewing the video and it will form part of our investigation but I want to reiterate that no one was assaulted with a chainsaw or any other weapon, according to our investigation so far," says Cst. Hopkinson.