Man accused in feces attacks makes first court appearance

The man accused of attacking 3 people over the span of 4 days with buckets of liquid feces will remain in custody at least until his bail hearing goes next Tuesday.

The court date was scheduled on Wednesday as 23-year old Samuel Opoku made his first appearance in court in connection with the allegations.

Opoku looked sad and distant as he was led into the courtroom with his hands bound behind his back.

He stared at his feet while hunched over in the prisoner's box. Opoku could be heart muttering something to his lawyer during the breif hearing.

Dozens of students from York University and the University of Toronto attending the courthouse to watch the proceedings.

All 3 of the attacks happened on or near those campuses.

Opoku faces a total of 10 charges, incluidng 5 counts of assault with a weapon.

Defense attorney Jordan Weisz insists that 'the full story' of this case goes beyond what has been released so far by Toronto Police.

He says his client is 'shocked and overwhelmed' by the allegations and the attention the case has received.

A judge ordered a media blackout on details of Tuesday's hearing.